Scientific Couples who Made Incredible Scientific Discoveries

Couples working together to make their relationship last are inspiring and impressive. But there are also couples who do important and influential works that become popular in the world. There are scientific couples who have become well-known for their scientific discoveries. These couples work together and combine their knowledge, skills, and talents to create a great discovery making them important pair in society.

Scientific Couples with Popular Scientific Discoveries

1. May-Britt and Edvard Moser

This couple won the Nobel Prize in 2014 as they were the ones who discovered and described the brain's internal GPS. This couple met when they were just students, and together they have discovered several scientific findings that are used today.

2. Gerty and Carl Cori

This couple was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1947. These two met when they were undergraduates. They have discovered that the muscle tissue uses glycogen to produce energy in the body.

3. Pierre Curie and Marie Sklodowska

They are the most known scientists of all time. Marie has been popular for her discovery of spontaneous radioactivity. And together, they have found out two elements which are polonium and radium. They have been known for their findings and studies which are now used by today's generation.

4. Marie-Anne Pierrette and Antoine Lavoisier

This couple is famous as the parents of modern chemistry. They have been known for many scientific discoveries especially those that are related or about chemistry.

When two great minds combine, great things happen. And this is what has happened to these scientific couples. There are other couples who became great in different industries. But the most important thing is that they work together to create good results. This is also the case in relationships. It is vital that the couple should work hard to make the relationship work and last. When this happens, then the couple is considered successful.

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Wherever and whatever way you meet your partner, the best thing is to do well in the relationship. It can also be possible that you two can do great things in society just like the scientific couples listed above. With this, you can be part of history while working on your relationship to make it last forever. So take the effort from dating up to marriage and your relationship with your partner will be long-lasting.

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